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Karin Kelly (Sedcard), founder of the agency, is licensed by the Federal Labour Office and she adds her own experience as model and VIP hostess to the business.

Over the last twenty five years I have gained experience working as a model for Classic fashion, Lucia, Intercode fashion, Gelco, Gerry Weber, Marcona, Basler, Voigt fashion collection, delmod,Frank Walder, Toni Dress, Rabe, BiBa- Passform Model, Kavita Fashion, QVC Rhein Studios Düsseldorf - hair shows for Nick Chavez, Margot Schmitt

In photo shootings for Mona Lisa by Interchic, Morada hotels, Topat & Schäfer, Ratio, Kaufland, Hafermann travel, Otto, Miele, Plus, Edelweiss Compo, Steinhoff furniture, Rewe, Union/ Ritter bier brewery, publicity campaign for Zisch drinks market... as a promotional model for Loreal, Elbeo, Rabe, Nina von C. etc....

Founded in 2001 the agency is happy to provide it´s impressive refrences like: Henkel, Schwartau, Klose collection, Esprit, furniture Steinhoff, fashion house Reichel, Parfümerie Pieper, company Brodos A.G., Brooks sports GMBH trust our services.

Over the years the KF agency has developed into an International company and has established it's self world wide (please see the references).

KF agency has represented International company's for example:
From Korea: KT + G.SK chemicals, Samsung Hurom.
From the USA: box-Design Worth Sterhing, Royal Blunts and New Image Global.
From China: Desonic Electronic co Ltd.
From Bulgaria: Kings Tobacco International.
From Switzerland: Atos AG.
From Hong Kong: Ray Tobacco International Ltd.
From Belgium: Browning International.
From Holland: ELEQ… and these are just a few to name etc. etc.

In 2011 the KF agency represented Range Rover for 10 months advertising the new *EVOQUE* vehicle at car showrooms, airports and clubs. Furthermore the agency organized fashion awards in top locations nationally Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Berlin.

2013 KF agency was the host company for the trade fair "Best of events International"(30 hosts / hostesses ) and we represented the lifestyle trade fair tremoniale 2013 with 25 hostesses

At the International Trade-fair * Inter-tabac 2013 KF booked over 50 models/hostesses for exhibitors from 16 countries!

We closely collaborate with the respective cooperative partner, including advertising agencies, stock market company´s, convention agencies and fair -exhibition companies.

The agency assistants are responsible for the competent reply to forward to your telephone calls.

Her professionalism is a plus for every model and coubined with her experiences is passed on in every course she gives.